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Castings Directory v.6.0 CD-ROM - over 8.200 worldwide foundries and related companies.
Companies listed by category: foundries (aluminum, iron, steel etc) - 6890, foundry suppliers (equipment, refractories, materials etc) - 882, services (tooling, rapid prototyping, consulting etc) - 425. The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

Premium Listing
» PLANSEE SE  Mold inserts to manufacture cylinder heads, wheel rims and other aluminum castings.
» Accurate Perforating Co  Custom perforation, fabrication and finishing. Metal, plastic.
» VITCAS Ltd.  Manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials.
» Trident Components  Die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding service
» Bradken Engineered Products  Design, tooling, large and small steel/stainless steel castings.
» Northwest Casting, Inc  Aluminum permanent mold and green sand castings.
» Worldwide Foundries Database  Over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database

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PLANSEE SE -   [Austria] Premium Listing
Mold inserts for aluminum casting. When there is no use for steel, our casting inserts made of tungsten alloys come into play. Benefit from shorter cycle times, improved surface quality of your foundry products and a longer mold service life. Mold inserts for aluminum foundries.  
Contact : Sandra Kieltrunk Phone:0043 5672 600-3274  Fax:

VITCAS Ltd - Manufacturer of refractories and heat resistant products.  [UK] Premium Listing
Vitcas is an independent manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials which follows the tradition of refractory and heat resistant manufacturing in Bristol, UK, since 1882. Our products include fire cement, fire bricks, refractory setting cements/mortars, plastic mouldables refractories, zircon refractory products, acid resistant cements and refractory castables for use in industries including steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar refineries and petrochemical industry.  
Contact : +441179117895 Phone:+44 (0)117 911 7895  Fax: +44 (0)117 971 1152

Trident Components - Die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding service  [USA][Texas] Premium Listing
Our die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding services are designed to deliver outstanding quality at a low cost. We have the expertise and resources to deliver what you need when you need it.  
Contact : John Perfetto Phone:888-785-3758  Fax: 817-579-9474

Finapra a.s. - Used foundry equipment at bargain prices.  [Czech Republic] Premium Listing
Offer of complete foundry technology. Sales of used foundry lines, machines and equipment at bargain prices. Offers equipment, instrumentation, machinery, die casting, foundry equipment. Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, UK.  
Contact : Ondrej Chalupa Phone:+420 734 575 431  Fax:

Diesse Presse Srl -   [Italy]
For more than 25 years Diesse-Presse s.r.l. has been providing international markets with two-speed casting cleaning machines used in die-casting, shearing, and for removing of risers and burrs. These hydraulic presses are all designed, constructed and marketed by the Company which also offers post-sales assistance. They can be best put to use in metal-mechanics companies, mechanical workshops and foundries where their high power and wide range of use is enhanced by accessories such as piece ejector, air blower for removal of waste, hydraulically-driven piece extractor, radial finishing system, side extraction for castings, robot interface board, microprocessor for functions control, centralised lubrication unit.  

Withers Tool, Die and Mfg. Co. Inc. -   
Complete Machine Shop For Large Precision Fabrication, Assembly, Grinding & Machining; 92" x 157" CNC Horizontal; 30" x 96" CNC Vertical; 59" Diameter x 236" Centers CNC Turning. Blanchard Machines Up To 144" Swing x 45" Height; 150-Ton Plate Straightening Press; Surface Grinding 24" x 120", 24" Diameter x 144 Lg. Cylindrical. Full Complement Of Accessory Machinery. Machine Shop Service Available For Film Die Repair Or Made To Specs. Up To 96 Lip Sheet Dies 80 Diameter Blown Film Dies. Precision Water Jet & Abrasive Water Jet Cutting up to 72" x 120"  

CWM Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc & Miniature Zinc Die Casting -   [USA]
Chicago White Metal Casting offers high-tech customdie castings in aluminum, magnesium, zinc and ZA-8alloys. Miniature zinc die casting; Design evaluation for optimized tooling andproduction. Pre-production prototyping; Advanced thinwall and vacuum casting technology, with in-house CNCmachining and subassembly facilities. A pioneer inhot-chamber magnesium casting. ISO 9001 registered.  

Arrow Diversified Tooling, Machining, Contour Milling, Mold and Dies -   
Manufacturing looks to Arrow Diversified Tooling for assistance in the production of industrial tooling. Arrow utilizies CNC machining and contour milling along with craftsmanship to produce tools, dies, molds, molds gages, fixtures, patterns, models, mock ups, and prototypes, as well as sheet metal stamping and forming; including aircraft parts.  

Tennessee Tool & Engineering - Machining, die casting, and assembly services. OEM and custom man -   
Tennessee Tool & Engineering - Machining, die casting, and assembly services. OEM and custom manufacturing for aerospace, commercial, automation, and research industries.  Design and build capability for special machines, fixtures, and gages.  Click to learn how East Tennessee's premier casting and machining facility can support your just-in-time requirements.  

Newco Die Cutting -   
Newco was originally Steel Rule Die, founded in 1942 and then was merged with Newco, Inc. in 1984. We specialize in die cut foam, rubber, hardboard, softboard, and assemblies. With over fifty years of experience our resources, technical skills and customer sensitivity has kept us in the forefront of our industry.  

Rimrock Corporation, the industry leader in the die casting automation equipment since 1956 -   
Welcome to the Rimrock Corporation web site, creating automation solutions for the foundry industry. We have been the industry leader in the die casting automation equipment since 1956. Rimrock specializes in the foundry industries with products that range from ladles, reciprocators, extractors, spray equipment, and robotic applications.  

forging, custom forging,Queen City Forging, impression die forging, closed die forging, upset forgin -   [USA]
forging, custom forging,Queen City Forging uses impression die forging; closed die forging; upset forging; drop, hammer and press forging to produce small, metal component parts for original equipment manufacturers - OEM. Queen City Forging also does industrial blacksmithing, pneumatic tool repair, impact tool repair, and toolsmithing  

Indian Manufacturers and exporters of Pistons and Piston Assemblies for stationary Diesel Engines, C -   
Cast & Alloys manufactures and exports Pistons and Piston Assemblies for Stationary Diesel Engines manufacturers, Compressors Manufacturers, and Automobile companies to India, USA, and UK. The pistons provide high performance racing pistons and piston assemblies.The company is located at Rajkot, Gujarat, India  

TDM Corporation: Tools, Dies, Molds, CNC and Precision Machining Services -   
Established in 1969 as a tool and mold manufacturer, TDM has grown and diversified into many areas of precision machining services. Today we provide you with the best machining technology available. From our complete CAD-CAM design and engineering department to our CNC integrated manufacturing capabilities.  

Foundries Database - over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database -

NADCA - North American Die Casting Association -   [USA]
North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) is composed of over 4000 members. NADCA is the world's resource for die casting statistics, technology, education, and research. Its involvement in government affairs and tracking of federal policies issued also benefits the die casting industry.  

Questar Products - Die Bonders, Wire Bonders, Mold Press and Preheaters -   
Questar Products offers refurbished, rebuilt, used, wire bonders, wire pull testers, die bonders and other semiconductor assembly equipment. Werepair, refurbish, rebuild, or upgrade to customer specification. Installation, training and process development are available.  

Extrusion Dies Inc. -   
Extrusion Dies Inc. designs and manufactures single and multimanifold dies, coextrusion feedblocks, and related equipment for plastic extrusion processors and converters. EDI produces flat die systems for cast film, sheet, coating, lamination, and strand pelletizing.  

Die Castings by Lion Tool -   
Lion Tool & Die is a leading trim die builder for die castings. We design and build high quality trim dies, made with the latest cad/cam technologies, and delivered within short lead times.Visit our website at , or email requests to  

Dietmar Wiening - Wildlife and Marine Bronze sculptures -   
South Africa's leading bronze sculptor of marine life and birds.Dietmar's bronze sculptures are very distinctive - he has perfected the art of form simplification in his sculptures, reducing his subject matter to essentials while retaining its intrinsic character.  

VISI-Series - CAD/CAM for the mould and die industry from Vero International Software -   
Vero International Software - VISI-Series - The CAD/CAM solution for mould & die industry. Unique solid & surface modeller base on Parasolid. Specific applications for CAD, Mould tool design, Progressive die design, 2D, 3D and High Speed Machining  

G.W. Smith and Sons, Inc: Manufacturer of Die Casting Lubricants -   
G.W. Smith and Sons, Inc: Manufacturer of High Quality Die Casting Lubricants since 1939. We're the leading die cast lubricant manufacturer in North America...Die Slick, Plunger Slick, Hydro Slick, Release compounds,Adhesion. NADCA and ISO 9001  

National Diecasting Machinery & Kard Trim Presses -   
National Diecasting Machinery, manufacturer of hot and cold chamber diecasting machines in the 55 to 150-Ton locking force range. Kard Trim Presses, manufacturer of custom hydraulic trim presses in the 20 to 100-Ton force range.  

FOUNDRY DIRECTORY for WIndows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista (CD-ROM) - 8.200 foundries and related companies
Companies listed by country: Americas (USA - 2872, Canada - 352, Brazil - 112, Mexico - 119), Europe (Belgium - 42, Germany - 318, France - 140, Italy - 335, Scotland - 15, Spain - 180, Sweden - 65, UK - 173), Europe - East (Czech Republic - 56, Hungary - 101, Poland - 28, Romania - 154, Slovakia - 22, Slovenia - 40, Turkey - 65), Asia Pacific Africa (Australia - 114, China - 298, India - 1375, Japan - 927, New Zealand - 25, Philippine - 55, South Africa - 39, Taiwan - 14).
The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

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