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Castings Directory v.6.0 CD-ROM - over 8.200 worldwide foundries and related companies.
Companies listed by category: foundries (aluminum, iron, steel etc) - 6890, foundry suppliers (equipment, refractories, materials etc) - 882, services (tooling, rapid prototyping, consulting etc) - 425. The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

Premium Listing
» PLANSEE SE  Mold inserts to manufacture cylinder heads, wheel rims and other aluminum castings.
» Accurate Perforating Co  Custom perforation, fabrication and finishing. Metal, plastic.
» VITCAS Ltd.  Manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials.
» Trident Components  Die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding service
» Bradken Engineered Products  Design, tooling, large and small steel/stainless steel castings.
» Northwest Casting, Inc  Aluminum permanent mold and green sand castings.
» Worldwide Foundries Database  Over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database

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PLANSEE SE -   [Austria] Premium Listing
Mold inserts for aluminum casting. When there is no use for steel, our casting inserts made of tungsten alloys come into play. Benefit from shorter cycle times, improved surface quality of your foundry products and a longer mold service life. Mold inserts for aluminum foundries.  
Contact : Sandra Kieltrunk Phone:0043 5672 600-3274  Fax:

VITCAS Ltd - Manufacturer of refractories and heat resistant products.  [UK] Premium Listing
Vitcas is an independent manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials which follows the tradition of refractory and heat resistant manufacturing in Bristol, UK, since 1882. Our products include fire cement, fire bricks, refractory setting cements/mortars, plastic mouldables refractories, zircon refractory products, acid resistant cements and refractory castables for use in industries including steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar refineries and petrochemical industry.  
Contact : +441179117895 Phone:+44 (0)117 911 7895  Fax: +44 (0)117 971 1152

TIC United Corp Home Page - Leaders in Farm Equipment, Forgings, Castings and Transportation -  

Home, Freeman Marine Equipment, Inc., Marine Hatches, Manholes, Scuttles, Doors, Portlights, Windows -   [USA]  

MCP Group, Mining & Chemical Products, MCP Equipment, MCP HEK Gmbh, MCP Metalspecialties, MCP Iberia -   [USA]  


Romanoff International Supply Corp. Manufacture and Wholesale of jewelry tools, jewelry equipment, c -  

Kern EDM Supplies - Wire EDM, Sinker EDM or Small Hole Supplies - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ED -   
Kern EDM Supplies provides Wire EDM, Sinker EDM or Small Hole supplies and/or related equipment and accessories.: EDM WIRE, BRASS WIRE-SOFT & HARD, Gisco, Hitachi, Oki, Kern Performance Brass, COATED WIRE, Gisco Cobra Cut A, D, Bronco Cut X, Mega Cut A, D, T, MOLYBDENUM WIRE, General Electric, TUNGSTEN WIRE, Osram Sylvania, DEONIZING RESIN & SERVICES, COLLECTION SERVICE FOR SPENT RESIN, VIRGIN NUCLEAR GRADE RESIN, REGENERATED, Nuclear Grade Resin, REGENERATION SERVICE, Regeneration of resin bags, Regeneration of Ebbco bags, Regeneration of fiberglass bottles, Bulk resin regeneration, DEONIZATION SYSTEMS, Quick-change aba Resin System (10 second changeover), DIELECTRIC FILTERS, for all wire machines, FIBERGLASS FILTERS, PLEATED PAPER, Dynamic, Ebbco, Refilco, MACHINE WEAR PARTS, Wire Guides, Wire Guide Reconditioning, Flush Cups, Power Feed Contacts, Belts, Rollers, Cutters, RUST INHIBITOR FOR DIELECTRIC, EDM-V, TOOLING, SYSTEM 3R, ACCESSORIES, Chillers, Remcor, Slug Holder Magnets, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Metal Polish w/ Silicone, Descaler- Rydlyme, WEDM MACHINES, Refurbished Used Agie Wire EDM's, UPGRADES, Speed Enhancement for Agie: T-Star Fast Track, PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS, D.P. Technology, ELECTRODE MATERIAL, BRASS, Rod, Tubing, Sheet, COPPER: TELLERIUM, ELECTROLYTIC, Blocks, Rounds, Rod, Tubing, Careless Tubing, Sheet, COPPER TUNGSTEN, Blocks & Rounds, Rod, Tubing, Rototube, Sheets, GRAPHITE, SUPER PREMIUM GRAPHITES: POCO AF5, PREMIUM GRAPHITES: POCO, lbiden, ECONOMY GRAPHITES, MOLYBDENUM, Rod and Tubing, TUNGSTEN CARBIDE, Rod and Tubing, TAPPING ELECTRODES (INCH & METRIC), Graphite, Copper Graphite, Brass, Copper Tungsten, STANDARD & ORBITING, PIPE TAPS, DIELECTRIC FLUID, ENDARC Premium Odorless 242, COMMONWEALTH 244, RUSTLICK EDM 30 and EDM 250, Economy Dielectric Grades, SMALL HOLE SUPPLIES, TUBES, Copper, Brass, 300mm & 400mm Lengths, Multichannel, Thick Wall, GUIDES, SMALL HOLE FLUID, FILTERS, For all sinker machines, Fiberglass, Pleated Paper: Dynamic, Ebbco, Refilco, Stack Plate, Fram, TOOLING, Tooling-System: 3R Mini, Macro Jr., Macro, Maxi, Workholding Tables: 3Refix Reference, ACCESSORIES, Chillers, Remcor, Dust Collector, Torit, Rotating Spindles, 3R Rotobore, Harig, Tubing Chucks, Hand Protective Cream, Milburn Ply, Magnetic Chucks, Kanetec Submersible, Surface Finish Gages, Vac-U-Guard, Westhoff Drill, Vacuum Chucks, ACCESSORIES, Current EDM Drill  

Brass & Bronze Casting Company -   [USA]
Brass & Bronze Casting (BBC) is a nonferrous sand foundry offering a unique combination of more than 100 years of experience and a modern environmentally-approved facility. BBC's 25,000 square-foot plant is built with the most advanced pollution control equipment available. As a result, castings are poured in more than thirty brass, bronze, aluminum, and copperalloys in a clean environment that meets EPA and OSHA regulations. BBC is committed to meeting nonferrous casting needs now and in the future. BBC also offers a versatile length of run and casting size, and can handle castings as small as a few ounces or as large as 600 pounds. BBC produces prototype castings, as well as castings in quantities up to 10,000. Strict Quality control measures include using only certified ingots and the finest sand. BBC employs an experienced staff and a quality assurance manager who carefully supervises the final inspection. The result is quality castings that meet exact specifications and are delivered on time.  

Malagoli Spa -   [Italy]
DEALER OF PRIMARY ALUMINIUM Product type: ingots 5 - 12 kg., ingots 12 - 20 kg., homogenized billets, scalped billets, continuous casting ingots, master alloys ingots Alloys type: series 1000, series 2000, series 3000, series 5000, series 6000, series 7000, series 8000, aluminum electrical use, standard foundry alloys, foundry alloys fe < 0,15, alloys, high tech foundry alloys SUPPLIER OF EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY FOR FOUNDRY : crucible furnaces, holding furnaces, electrical furnaces, secmelting furnaces, salt bath rotatory furnaces, dry rotatory furnaces, fragmenting equipment, continuous ingots casting equipment, stacking machines, ancillary casting machines, machines chain type, ingots casting machines carousel type, molten metal handling, saline dross rigeneration equipment, ladles, shavings treatment equipment, automatic metal ladles, crucibles, equipment for liquid metal, holding furnaces, melting furnaces, ovens for cores drying, ovens, robotics, ladles  

Teknos Spa -   [Italy]
Plants, equipment, machines and services Teknos has a 50-year old history of activity in the following plant sectors: - melting, moulding and components for the iron and steel industry; - thermal treatment for the automotive and mechanical industry; - heat recovery for iron and steel, glass, petrochemical and cement industries; - gas combustion filtration; - manipulators. Product Range For the past 50 years Teknos has supplied consumable goods (commodities) for the melting, iron and steel, petrochemical, plastic, mechanical and glass industries. The products are divided into two categories: commodities and refractories. The first group is comprised of raw material, ferro-alloys, pellets, briquettes and additives. The second group is made up of all the refractory material that is used to line the melting, treatment and transfer plants or equipment.  

Foundequip Srl -   [Italy]
Casting machines; Industrial robots; Moulding machines; Coreshooters; Mixers and mills; Shake out machines; Cupolas; Moulding plants no bake; Green sand moulding plants; Machines forpreparing and recovering moulding materials (moulds and cores); Sand-resin recovery and regeneration plants; Green sand preparation plants; Green sand regeneration plants; Sand cooling machinery and plants; Equipment for controlling, regulating and dosing sand humidity; Industrial furnaces; Casting furnaces and plants; Oxygen combustion rotary furnaces; Rotary melting furnaces; Plant overhaul; Conveyor belts; Rollers, platforms, turnover devices; Pneumatic transport plants; Handling devicesEnvironmental and safety control; Equipment and plants for blasting dust, fumes and gas; Soundproofing cabins; Machining;  

Bodega G.&C. Spa -   [Italy]
Bodega has been operating since 1964 in the aluminium extrusion field and allied technology machining. The company initially started with a 800 ton press. It now possesses 4 plants ranging from 1250 - 1600 - 2000 - 3300 tons. The new indutrial installations have recently yielded an increase in the current production capacity to about 35,000 tons as against the 14,000 tons produced over the past years and have raised the covered space complex to over 40,000 sq. m. Over the years aluminium working has always been the company**s strong point. Bodega, has always been committed and is continuing to do so, investing in equipment and in human resources in an unending effort to meet client requests. The alloys available are : 1050A (99,5) - 6060 - 6063 - 6463 BRILL 6005 - 6061 - 6082  

Aluengineering Srl -   [Italy]
Design, construction and sale of SURFACE TREATMENT EQUIPMENT: anodizing equipment, powder coating lines, liquid coating lines, hard anodizing and brighting equipment, hooking for pieces to be anodised and coated. Our technology ranges from aluminium foundry to finishing, with in house direct technology and cooperation with leading manufactures of associated equipment. All our plants are designed and manufactured according to CE standards and in respect of local safety and ecological specifications. We are able supply the following plants: Complete extrusion plants - Dye shops - Window frame assembly plants - Packaging lines - Brushing and polishing machines - Water treatment plants - Fumes treatment We also offer technical advise, personnel training and engineering services.  

Trevisan Cometal Spa -   [Italy]
Handling equipment; Industrial exhausters, stationary exhaust systems; Billet and slab casting equipment; Automatic metal ladle manufacturers; Cast, forged and rolled steel components for furnaces; Billet heating furnaces; Melting furnaces; Heat treatment furnaces; Die ovens; Rolling mills-casters; Machinery, technologies and accessories for section-bar working; Extrusion presses; Research, development and design; Packaging systems; Handling systems; Cutting systems; Hydraulic systems; Software; Surface treatments; Surface treatments plants manufactureres; Waste water treatment plants and hazardous waste recovery plants manufacturers; Process equipment manufacturers; Manufacturers of products for cleaning and degreasing; Coaters; Anodisers; Decorators and other finishers;  

Tecnocarpent Srl -   [Italy]
MANUFACTURING OF MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT FOR ALUMINIUM PRODUCTION AND TRANFORMATION: full equipment, patterns for billets casting, holding furnaces, melting furnaces, stacking machines, ancillary casting machines, casting machinery, patterns for sheet ingosts casting, molten metal handling, automatisms, full extrusion equipment, profiles cutting benches, press run out tables, billets heating systems, dies heating systems, heat treatment furnaces, puller devices, systems for casting filtering, profiles handling systems,cooling equipment, profiles cutting & sawing systems, storing systems, straightening machines, automatic metal ladles, ovens for surface treatment, hot chamber die casting machines, cold chamber die casting machines, automatic storing systems.  

Parmjeet Sandu Eng. Works -   
Parmjeet Sandu Eng. Works: Pioneers in mill products, india, asia, delhi, new delhi, tractor spares, automobile spares, vehicle spares, pins, shafts, spinders, piston rod, hydraulics spares, retainers, induction hardering,heat treatment, gears, axles, torsion bars, crankshafts, crank shafts,agricultural equipment, trailor spares, forgings, castings, machined casting, truck spares, earthmovers, construction, machineries, rolls, roller ,mill products, steel plant products, tube mill products, shafts, paper mill rolls, induction hardening rolls, tractor parts, agricultural parts, heavy vehicle spares, truck spares, off road vehicle spares, fork lift spares, compressor crank shafts, high pressure pump spares, pump spares, rolls, steel mill products  

Disa Industrie A.G. -   [Switzerland]
Founded in 1900, DISA is the world**s leading supplier of foundry equipment and metal surface finishing systems. With factories, and sales and service offices in three continents and an extensive agent network, DISA serves international industrial manufacturers, foundries and metalworking industries with leading edge technology solutions, tailored to their specific needs. Ongoing commitment to research and development based on customer needs means that DISA is constantly setting new industry standards. DISA leverages the results of its own research and development together with extensive experience and expertise gained from installations and applications all over the world to provide competitive business value to its customers.  

Fondac Spa -   [Italy]
Expendable materials for green sand moulding; Resins; Catalysts, adhesives, release agents paints; Bentonites, premixed products, black minerals, natural and silica sands; Bonding agents; Additives; Precoated sands; Equipment for controlling, regulating and dosing sand humidity; Refractory materials, plasters ramming mixes; Various foundry products; Fluxes for non-ferrous foundry; Release, lubricating and sealing agents; Release agents for patterns; Refractory coatings for cores and moulds, Glues for cores and shell moulds, refractory cements, sleeves, powders, fluxing agents, filters; Cleaning agents for patterns; Control equipment; Measurement equipment and instruments;  

Foundries Database - over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database - -   [Australia]
Eccles Foundry, Perth, Western Australia, castings, hose fittings, mining equipment, boat, machining, perth boats, boats perth, hose fittings perth, perth hose fittings, perth mining, mining equipment perth, perth mining equipment, Based in Perth WA, Eccles Foundrey engineers and manufactures high quality brass, bronze, grey cast iron, SG iron and aluminium fittings including - Muff Couplings, Lumpends, Elbows, Nuts and Tails, Skin Fittings, Sockets, Reducing Bushes and Tank Fittings. Our Company specialises in odd size hose tails, carrying shelf stock for quick supply. We currently supply specialised castings servicing the marine, mining, industrial and rural sectors.  

Styro Steel Cast - Metal Casting, Foundry, Steel Alloy, Iron Casting, Machine Spares -   [India]
Styro Steel Cast - Casting Foundry Steel, Ductile Iron Casting, Indian Steel Casting Manufacturer, Ferrous Metal, Steel Alloys, Steel Casting, Iron Casting, Malleable Iron Casting, Iron Alloys, Thermal Power Spares, Alloy Ci Castings, Alloy Steel Castings, Stainless Steel Castings, Heat Resistance Castings, Defence Spares, Engineering Machinery Fabrication, Centrifugal Pump, Air Pollution Control, Thermal Power Machinery, Industrial Application Castings And Spares, Fertilizers Chemical Industries, Earthmoving Mining Equipments, Grinding Crusher Parts, Shot Blasting Machine, Cement Sugar Industrial Spares  

FOUNDRY DIRECTORY for WIndows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista (CD-ROM) - 8.200 foundries and related companies
Companies listed by country: Americas (USA - 2872, Canada - 352, Brazil - 112, Mexico - 119), Europe (Belgium - 42, Germany - 318, France - 140, Italy - 335, Scotland - 15, Spain - 180, Sweden - 65, UK - 173), Europe - East (Czech Republic - 56, Hungary - 101, Poland - 28, Romania - 154, Slovakia - 22, Slovenia - 40, Turkey - 65), Asia Pacific Africa (Australia - 114, China - 298, India - 1375, Japan - 927, New Zealand - 25, Philippine - 55, South Africa - 39, Taiwan - 14).
The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

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