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Companies listed by category: foundries (aluminum, iron, steel etc) - 6890, foundry suppliers (equipment, refractories, materials etc) - 882, services (tooling, rapid prototyping, consulting etc) - 425. The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

Premium Listing
» PLANSEE SE  Mold inserts to manufacture cylinder heads, wheel rims and other aluminum castings.
» Accurate Perforating Co  Custom perforation, fabrication and finishing. Metal, plastic.
» VITCAS Ltd.  Manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials.
» Trident Components  Die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding service
» Bradken Engineered Products  Design, tooling, large and small steel/stainless steel castings.
» Northwest Casting, Inc  Aluminum permanent mold and green sand castings.
» Worldwide Foundries Database  Over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database

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PLANSEE SE -   [Austria] Premium Listing
Mold inserts for aluminum casting. When there is no use for steel, our casting inserts made of tungsten alloys come into play. Benefit from shorter cycle times, improved surface quality of your foundry products and a longer mold service life. Mold inserts for aluminum foundries.  
Contact : Sandra Kieltrunk Phone:0043 5672 600-3274  Fax:

VITCAS Ltd - Manufacturer of refractories and heat resistant products.  [UK] Premium Listing
Vitcas is an independent manufacturer of refractories, heat resistant products and high temperature insulation materials which follows the tradition of refractory and heat resistant manufacturing in Bristol, UK, since 1882. Our products include fire cement, fire bricks, refractory setting cements/mortars, plastic mouldables refractories, zircon refractory products, acid resistant cements and refractory castables for use in industries including steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar refineries and petrochemical industry.  
Contact : +441179117895 Phone:+44 (0)117 911 7895  Fax: +44 (0)117 971 1152

New Industries INC. -   [USA][California]
ALUMINUM DIE CASTINGS. In the fall of 1999, New Industries, Inc. opened it's doors and brought years of casting experience and dependable, quality equipment to the die casting industry. After enjoying a successful start up, we are maintaining focus on our simple goal; supply quality castings at a fair price while building career long relationships with satisfied customers.  

Webster Industries, Inc. -   [USA][Ohio]
Webster Foundry has been in operation since1876. A division of Webster Industries, Inc., we specilize in the production of custom white iron, malleable iron, grey iron castings. Our secondary services include straightening, grinding, quench and temper heat treating, induction or flame surface hardening, assembly and machining. Our emphasis is on knowledgeable customer service and on maintaining the stringent ISO 9001 disciplines necessary for consistent high quality and timely delivery.  

L.E. Sauer Machine Company Home Page -   [USA]
L.E. Sauer Machine Co., Dynasauer Corp, and Sauer System: Look here for all three companies. We provide the following services: laser cutting, machining, custom fabricating, cnc turning, burning, metal fabricators, heat treating, contract machining, sheet metalfabricating, polyurethane products, cast polyurethane, gaskets, rods, rolls, rollers, sheets, tubes, liners, bushings, gears, scorers, slotters, rotary die making, perforating, boxboard, cardboard.  

Southern Alloy Corp - Southern Alloy Corporation is an alloy foundry providing quality castings and -   [USA]
Southern Alloy Corporation is an alloy foundry providing quality castings and machined parts to numerous industries. We are located in Sylacauga, Alabama. We specialize in custom steel, stainless steel materials. We have a complete foundry, pattern shop, machine shop and heat-treating facilities. We primarily serve Cement and Lime Producers, Chemical and Petroleum Industries, Heat Treating Operations, Mining Industries, Paper Mills and Steel Mills.  

Architectural Molded Composites - Online! -   [USA]
produces architectural ornamentation and fine art fabricated in GFRC and GFRP. Old world artisans have more than 25 years of experience in recreating architectural details. Our crafts-persons make molds from drawings or template, as well as, from existing or recreated models on site. Each element is treated with the sensitivity of a work of art. Virtually any material can be reproduced: limestone, terra cotta, marble, bronze or other metals  

Advanced Industrial Coatings, Inc. -   [USA][California]
The first company in the San Joaquin Valley to offer TeflonŽ Coatings Services to commercial andindustrial manufacturers, coatings for release and non-stick applications, and other high-tech fluoropolymer powder coating solutions for aggressive corrosion and mild abrasion problems. We can provide Teflons, Nylons, Halar, Xylans, and Powder Coatings to name justa few. AIC Coatings Inc., providing high quality coating for your applications.  

Full service Machine shop, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Precision Sheetmetal, Prototype assembly, Production, High Vacuum, electrical Busbars, CE compliat designs, electro-mechanical assembly, ferrous, nonferrous, exotic metals, plastics, modeling, castings, fabrication, Electro Mechanical fabrication, welding, 3-D machining, Hi-Pot testing and breakdown testing, UL, VDE, Prototype, Quality Control, Inspection, Metrology, S2-93, UL94V0 -   [USA][New York]
Cast functional prototypes to high volume production runs! Tekcast Industries Inc. Mfg & distributor of front loading spin-casters, vulcanizers, metal melting furnaces, silicone & organic rubber mold compounds, zinc & pewter alloys, thermoset plastic, electroplating and finishing equipment. Expert technical support, distributors worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, we want to be your one source for all your casting needs.  

Anderson Foundry Systems Corp. -   [USA][Illinois]
We buy and sell all types of used Foundry and Pattern Shop Equipment as well as any type of item found in a large Plant. We do Foundry liquidations and appraisals. We also recondition and repair in our Plano, IL facility. we have over 100,000 sq. ft of storage space with 2- 20 ton cranes to handle equipment.We will take equipment and sell on a consignment basis. All equipment sold as reconditioned has a 30 day return privilege. -   [USA][California]
REPS is where you turn for results when you are setting up a new CO2 system or maintaining your current system. We offer only the highest quality parts to our customers. Consulting by one of the most knowlegable professionals in the CO2 industry is also available by contacting REPS at (209) 874-3640. Worldwide service and consulting is always just a phone call away, and we can come to you! If you want the very best, CALL REPS.  

AMS Resource, Inc. -   [USA][Illinois]
AMS Resources is the place where buyers of Alloys, Metals and Steel go to get the quotes and the experience they demand. Our skilled staff eliminates the hassle of finding the right supplier. Whether you need orders from stock in a few days, emergency air shipments or simply the best price available. We will put our experience and resources to work for you today. Offering: Centrifugal, Continuous, Static/Sand Casting.  

Supreme Castings & Pattern Co. -   [USA][California]
Aluminum castings from the rubber plaster & composite mold processes to aerospace, military & commercial specifications. Small & medium production runs. Rapid prototyping using CAD/CAM files, models or blueprints. Thin or thick walls & complex shapes. Sizes/Weights from 1 Oz. to 50 lbs. Engineering & Design. Quantities to thousands of parts. Adaptation of transferred tools, or reverse engineering of existing parts.  

Foundries Database - over 8200 foundries, foundry equipment and suppliers database -

Falcon Foundry Home Page: copper casting, bronze casting, contact shoes, water cooled pressure pads -   [USA]
The Falcon Foundry Company is a progressive, non-ferrous foundry, second to very few in size, second to none in meeting customers' demands for quality. Falcon has its own pattern and heavy machine shops and offers fast, one-house service on custom copper and bronze castings up to 12,000 pounds in finish weight. One-house advantages include the fabricating and welding of steel attachments to copper-base castings. -   [USA]
Limpact is a manufacturer of custom products cathodes, head bars, electrical transition joints and edge strips for zinc and copper refineries. Abrasion resistant products for areas of extreme abrasion in conveying of materials material handling systems and our partner Company, Millard Towers Limited, manufactures lightweight aluminum towers for airport lighting, coast guard, navigation and other specialty areas.  

St. Marys Foundry -   [USA][Ohio]
St. Marys Foundry produces castings from 500 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. for a wide variety of industries including- Machine Tool, Air and Gas Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Valves, Petroleum, Aerospace, Mining and many other specialty machinery markets. St. Marys Foundry, is certified to ISO 9002, MAC2000 and TUV standards and is committed to producing the highest quality Gray and Ductile Iron casting in the world.  

Ribco Home Page -   [USA]
Ribco Mfg., Inc. is a large Manufacturer and Electroplater of metal products. Ribco produces Zinc Die Castings, Stampings, Wire Formed items and performs Contract Electroplating for all types of metal products. Ribco's product lines include: Furniture Hardware, Kitchen and Bath Hardware, Men's Belt Buckles, Women's Belt Buckles, Shoe Buckles, Key Tags, Novelty Items, Commemoratives and Industrial Castings.  

Hydratech Industries -   [USA][Oregon]
Intricate Profile cutting of all Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals, Woods, Glass, Ceramics, Granite, Marble, Composites, Rubber, Foams, Plastics, and more. Material thickness .005-3.00 inches. Maintains material integrity-nonthermal, nonchemical, nonelectrical. CAD/CAM designtakes concept to reality, artistic designs digitized on scanner. Labor savings withfinished products; material savings with small kerf.  

Sealtight Self-Sealing Fasteners, O'rings, and Sealing Products: Home Page -   [USA]
B & B Hardware dba Sealtight Fastener offers quality self-sealing fasteners, o'rings, and sealing products. Complete online engineering catalog contains design information, dimensions, materials, options, technical information, distributors, and more. Sealtight Fastener is a wholly owned subsidiary of B&B Hardware, Inc. and is the industry leader in self-sealing fasteners and related products.  

Al-Cast Mold & Pattern, Inc. -   [USA][Minnesota]
Al-Cast Mold & Pattern, Inc. is a full service pattern and mold manufacturer offering cast aluminum molds for the processes of Rotational molding and Thermo forming of plastics, CNC patterns, models, prototypes and molds, large CNC capabilities, mold design assistance and engineering services, mold repair and revisions, FTP site for confidential file transfers we can accept all formats of CAD files.  

M.C. Molds -   [USA][Michigan]
M.C. Molds is dedicated to building the highest quality molds by using the best obtainable materials and resources. We constantly demonstrate this through the ongoing acquisition of new equipment, technologies and employee training programs. Please contact us so we may further discuss the things we do better than our competition to give you a mold set of superior quality, performance and longevity.  

FOUNDRY DIRECTORY for WIndows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista (CD-ROM) - 8.200 foundries and related companies
Companies listed by country: Americas (USA - 2872, Canada - 352, Brazil - 112, Mexico - 119), Europe (Belgium - 42, Germany - 318, France - 140, Italy - 335, Scotland - 15, Spain - 180, Sweden - 65, UK - 173), Europe - East (Czech Republic - 56, Hungary - 101, Poland - 28, Romania - 154, Slovakia - 22, Slovenia - 40, Turkey - 65), Asia Pacific Africa (Australia - 114, China - 298, India - 1375, Japan - 927, New Zealand - 25, Philippine - 55, South Africa - 39, Taiwan - 14).
The software lists company name, profile, phone, fax, postal address, web address and email.

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