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ASTM-A29 Steel Ingot and Forgings
Material and Mechanical Properties Heterogeneity

Chemical composition, casting technology and
50T ingot mold design analysis report
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The report analyses the influence of chemical composition of the steel, casting technology variables and ingot mold design on macro-segregation in 50 tons ingot. The main objective was to optimize the fabrication parameters of the ingot in order to increase the homogeneity of ASTM-A29 forging products. The effect of initial mold temperature, hot top size, pouring temperature, ingot H/D ratio, ingot taper, mold thickness and the chemical composition elements on the macro-segregation process has been studied. View table of contents. Preview all pages.


The results of the report made by Industrial Soft, Montreal, Canada will help you to predict if your ASTM-A29 steel forging product will have material and mechanical properties homogeneous. It allows you to prevent both, the macro-segregation detected by ultrasonic inspection and material heterogeneity for ASTM-A29 steel grade poured into a 50 tons ingot.


Based on the method proposed by K.Suzuki and T.Miyamoto, Japan Steel Works Ltd and developed by Industrial Soft, macro-segregation prediction module embeds over eight years experience in ingot solidification process analysis and ten years in ingot mold assembly design. The macrosegregation module has been attached to the solidification software SimCADE v.2.0 and employed in all experiments of the report. The software has been tested and verified in industrial conditions with IMGB (Doosan-IMGB), Romania and Companhia Siderúrgica Paulista – COSIPA, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The report concerning manufacturing variables of ASTM-A29 forging part or ingot will come with practical recommendations and help you to have ASTM-A29 forgings homogenous, take better decisions, save time and money by:

  • requesting forgings made using ingots with size and shape that guarantee the homogeneous mechanical properties;
  • avoiding forgings made from ingots with hidden macro-segregation, defects not detected even by ultrasonic inspection;
  • asking for a product with optimized ferroalloys consumption; 
  • taking better decisions concerning derogation requests about chemical composition and other technological factors that influences homogeneity of forgings.


If you have the manufacturing records of the ingot, the report will give you tools for estimating quality of your forgings. If you need more information or need this analysis made for a particular ingot size or material, please use the following contact form.

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