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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Horne Group
Horne supplies the Levelok Conveyance chairing and emergency braking systems. The Levelok system operates in vertical shafts with steel or wooden guides with systems that are installed in Canada and South Africa. Horne specializes in the Technogrid Impact energy absorption system with typical applications being overwind / underwind, rolling stock and conveyor counter weight arresting.

Johnson Industries Ltd.
Johnson Industries design and manufacture a range of products at our factories, which include hydraulic, pneumatic, spring-set or manually applied caliper disc brakes and brake systems for use on hoists, conveyors, propulsion systems and other rotating equipment. Johnson also produces electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic thruster drum and disc brakes which are in service around the world on cranes, hoists and other material handling and power transmission equipment. In addition to the brakes mentioned above, brake discs and brake drums can be built to customer specifications. The Johnson catalog contains many standard diameter brake discs and fly wheels with or without mounting holes, hub, straight bore, tapered bore, key way, scribed bolt circle, dynamic balancing or even forged ventilation holes. In addition to brake discs Johnson manufactures many different models of brake drums. These include standard, offset, bore and key way, and rough stock bore. Johnson also offers a variety of transmission couplings for brake applications. We also design and manufacture Storm and Parking brakes. Storm brake systems include automatic and manual rail clamps, rail brakes and wheel clamps. These emergency braking systems are used on cranes, stacker-reclaimers, loaders and other forms rail mounted equipment. Johnson is committed to stocking a comprehensive range of parts (including a full range of Elhy / Eldro thrusters), we also offer maintenance and refurbishment services, on site service, training, and commissioning.

MPI Mobile Parts Inc.
Established in July 1980, Mobile Parts Inc. (MPI) has grown into a worldwide leader in the supply of mining parts and equipment. MPI began selling parts to various industries, as well as relining brakes for the trucking industry, before it evolved to specialize in supplying and manufacturing parts for the underground mining industry. Mobile Parts manufactures and repairs underground personnel carriers. These personnel carriers have numerous configurations and are often fitted with a sealed integrated braking system (S.I.B.S) that can withstand the high acidity of an underground environment. This system has stood the test of time and is exclusive to MPI in Canada. Two years ago, MPI doubled its existing complex and is ready to service you. With its modern machine shop, and complete driveline repair and manufacture shop, MPI can handle all your custom needs. Even better, a comprehensive database allows MPI to quickly find your part number. For fast and easy service, call MPI.

Schaeffler Canada Inc.
Customers from all industrial sectors rely on rolling and plain bearings made by the Schaeffler Group. Reliable in operation, they increase equipment availability, reduce weight and offer more compact system designs. Schaeffler can provide more than 40,000 catalogue products and countless customer-specific solutions for a wide range of applications and requirements. In the Mining and Processing sector, rolling and plain bearings contribute considerably to technical progress. Harsh operating and environmental conditions require extremely robust bearings. Due to our research and development activities and to an intensive exchange of experience with manufacturers and operators of machines and facilities, the operational reliability of our bearings has increased constantly. The economic efficiency of the bearings has also significantly improved the economic efficiency of machines and entire plants. Due to our development partnerships with our customers we know their respective requirements very well. This enables us to offer the right bearings, housings, accessories and services for the entire Mining and Processing sector.

Svendborg Brakes
Svendborg Brakes is one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of hydraulic braking solutions for heavy industry in the world. Svendborg employs technological expertise, market intelligence and highly competent personnel to fulfill customer requirements for reliable and cost-effective braking solutions. Furthermore, the braking solutions are customized to precisely match the customer`s requirements and applications. Solutions in which hydraulics, electronics and advanced brake engineering are combined, as brakes have to operate when other parts have failed. So even today we are ready for tomorrow. We can handle any task in braking solutions, no matter how extreme.

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