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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.
AirFlow Catalyst Systems is reinventing diesel exhaust emissions control systems. AirFlow Catalyst Systems has developed emissions control systems that operate very efficiently and differently. Our portfolio includes EZDoc - a traditional Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), custom coatings, and EZCat a revolutionary new system that removes CO, HC, as well as diesel particulates in one combined unit, eliminating expensive controls, requiring less space, and minimizing downtime. EZCat has a proprietary NO2 management system combined with a low temperature, passively regenerating wash coat. Your benefits include less capital expenditure, less operating cost, and efficient operations. EZCat has been listed by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), and was certified by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate for generators used on ocean going ferries. Our customer service, state of the art facilities, flexible applications and first-class engineering expertise make us the right partner for your off-highway diesel equipment applications.

BAY6 Solutions Inc.
BAY6 Solutions Inc. designs, manufactures and installs magnetic filtration solutions and remote oil sampling systems for mobile and stationary mining equipment, and industrial processes.

Condra Cranes & Hoists (Pty) Ltd
Condra`s engineering expertise, the flexibility offered by our in-house design facilities and our wide range of standard products have placed Condra`s among the top three names in South Africa crane manufacture. Overhead cranes are manufactured to specification from some 250 sub-assemblies, the main components being hoists, drives, end carriages brakes, gearboxes and motors. Condra makes all 250 sub-assemblies. Hoists are manufactured in a number of standard models suited to most mining, industrial and general applications from 1 to 500tons. Hooks manufactured to FEM standards are offered in single, double, four, six and eight fall arrangements, with lifting capacities from 1 to 32 tons, as an ex stock item and special hooks up to 150tons, on application. Condra also supplies Cable loop (festoon) systems, enclosed conductor systems as well as open wire.

Converteam Canada Inc.
With over 100 years serving the mining industry Converteam is able to offer fully engineered electrical systems solutions for mine winders, haulages, ventilation systems, milling drives and conveyors. Our experience and our engineering & project management skills qualify us to undertake a full range of feasibility studies, design studies and rating calculations for a full range of projects including greenfield sites and the modernization and upgrading of existing installations. Core system components include variable frequency/variable speed drives, electric machines (synchronous and induction) and automation & monitoring systems, which include a sophisticated electronic speed & distance protection system. In all cases our equipment and skills are customizable and scaleable to suit each application. Working with strategic partners enables us to take full responsibility for complete installations comprising the mechanical components in addition to the electrical elements. Converteam is active on a global basis and offer comprehensive portfolio of after sales support service.

Enduride Canada USA
The Enduride conveyor roller keeps the lid on things. And this is what makes it unique on the market! It all originated from a very simple idea: to design a conveyor roller that provides the best protection for bearing systems and meets the most stringent performance criteria in the industry. The Enduride roller is truly unique and is protected by numerous patents around the world. The result: a new generation of conveyor rollers, with the patented ‘`Cellular Encasement Protection System`` (C.E.S.), redefining current quality / performance standards. The Enduride system has two unique features. First, it completely isolates the bearing system from any external contact and second, it provides additional protection against vibration, a frequent source of conveyor breakdown. System components are factory-sealed with polyurethane injected under controlled pressure, creating an additional protective barrier and a highly effective vibration damper. The Enduride roller`s exclusive Cellular Encasement Protection System creates a barrier between the bearing system and the external environment.

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