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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Eclipse Combustion, Canada, Inc.
Mine Ventilation systems require robust heating equipment that can withstand the rigors of operation in harsh environments. Moreover, no mine ventilation system is the same; each requires a customized heating solution. Eclipse Combustion has the experience, products, and system know-how to produce mine air heating systems that are safe, efficient and reliable. After the sale, the Eclipse service team supports products with start-up, training and maintenance. Les systemes miniers de ventilation exigent un equipement de chauffage robuste, capable de fonctionner de facon durable dans des conditions difficiles. Comme chaque systeme est different, chacun necessite une solution de chauffage sur mesure. Eclipse Combustion possede l`experience, les produits et une connaissance des besoins permettant de concevoir des systemes de chauffage pour le domaine minier a la fois surs, efficaces et fiable. De plus, apres la vente, Eclipse est en mesure d`assurer la mise en marche, la formation et l`entretien.

GEA Barr Rosin
GEA Barr-Rosin can provide several unit operations for Fertilizer which include granulating, drying, cooling, coating, conditioning, holding/aging and de-dusting. Fluid Beds can dry and cool fertilizer and elutriate fines (de-dust) with minimal granule abrasion. Their high thermal efficiency in fluidized state result in shorter cooling times. They are smaller in size and weight, with lower capital costs than conventional systems. Our Rotary Dryers are used for the drying, cooling, granulating, coating, and conditioning of fertilizer. Their flexible design and robust yet simple construction result in reliable operation under the most arduous chemical plant conditions. Indirect cooling through bundled tubes can be achieved using a GEA Barr-Rosin Contact Column Cooler with minimal if any air flow. This is an economical and environmentally sound solution. Visit us at

Hayward Gordon Ltd
Hayward Gordon offers a unique combination of capabilities to serve you. As a manufacturer, we know pumping and mixing equipment from the inside-out, as a distributor we extend our product selection to offer a wide range of solutions, and as a systems integrator we can design and build an entire working system to pump, convey, mix, and transport products such as oil, water, reagents/chemicals, polymer, lime, dry powders and slurries. Our expertise in mining technology assures optimization of extraction rates and efficiency with the correct mixer impellers style and agitation level for your process for applications in gold leach and carbon-in-pulp, solvent extraction, high pressure autoclave, pipeline surge, bio-leach, conditioning, etc. Hayward Gordon`s vertical cantilever and solids-handling pumps are available in hard metals and alloys recessed impeller, screw centrifugal, molten sulphur and ANSI designs are available for light slurry and corrosive service.

P&H Mine Air Systems
P&H Mine Air Systems manufactures climate-control units (air conditioning and heating) for use on operator cabs on a wide variety of mining equipment, including electric shovels, drills, draglines, haul trucks, graders, excavators, dozers, loaders and more. Our climate-control units are designed specifically for the mining industry, and engineered and manufactured to operate reliably in the extreme conditions found in a mining environment.

Polar Mobility Research Ltd.
At Polar we specialize in air conditioning, cab air filtration/pressurization, heating systems for machinery in all areas of work. We manufacture custom systems for your specific requirements. Some of products include: Digaire - hydraulic drive air conditioners, NON Electrical Air Conditioning for Extreeme Climates and Hazardous Environments. SleepAire - low voltage electric air conditioning, Espar fuel fired heaters, Arctic fox heaters, Red Dot air conditioning, DTAC air conditioning, Sigma, Kim HotStart heaters, Sy-Klone engine / air filtration systems, DTI Positive Air shut down systems for engines.

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