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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Boart Longyear Canada
Boart Longyear is a leading international supplier of drilling products and services to the mineral exploration and civil construction markets. Drilling products and services are available for the following industries: surface/underground diamond core drilling; percussive drilling; rotary, environmental and geotechnical drilling. Boart Longyear`s products division manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of integrated equipment to service these industries. Core drilling products include drill rigs, rod and casing, core barrels, diamond products, as well as accessory equipment. Percussive drilling products include bits and steel, hand held rock drills, and pneumatic and electric hydraulic long hole drills.

Chemline Plastics Limited
Chemline Plastics is Canada`s foremost supplier of solid thermoplastic valves, pipe and fittings, flow meters and controls for the mining industry, solving corrosion and abrasion problems for 42 years. Applications include chemical reagent lines, electrolytes and reagents in solvent extraction and electro winning, smelter gas, compressed air piping, waste treatment systems, water treatment, and many others. Chemline has replaced many corroded metal valves and piping systems over the years. An extensive line includes valves of every type and size ranging from ¼ to 96 in PVC, PP, CPVC, PVDF, FRP and Teflon. Chemline offers PP, PVDF, ECTFE and PE piping systems, fabricated using butt or socket fusion welding machines. Actuation and controls include pneumatic and electrically actuated ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves, characterized control valves, relief valves, pressure regulators and gauge isolators. Flow meters are variable area, paddle wheel, ultrasonic and vortex shedding types, all with instruments and installation fittings.

Festo Inc.
Festo is a leading global supplier of automation technology and industrial training and education programs, with 58 independent Festo Companies serving more than 176 countries. The company offers more than 30,000 products for the factory and process automation industries, which can be tailored to specific customer needs. Festo offers ready-to-install subsystems and tailor-made, industry-specific solutions for the automotive, electronic, food and packaging, biotech/pharma and process industries. More than 300,000 customers rely on Festo`s problem-solving competence. 2,800 patents worldwide and around 100 new products per year are a clear indication of the company`s innovative strength.

Hibon builds multi-stage centrifugal blowers and rotary lobe blowers for mining and metals process air and water/wastewater applications. Our equipment handles air flows in the range of 20 cfm to 30,000 cfm, and pressures from 2 to 18 psig. A typical blower package includes all accessories and controls such as filters, silencers, motors, valves, instruments, control panels and noise enclosures, both standard and custom designs. Blower applications include flotation air, CIL tank air, neutralization tank air, pneumatic conveying, filter scouring and aeration. Our plant in Dorval, Quebec is ISO 9001 certified and we have built equipment for many mining companies, engineering firms and OEMs worldwide.

Johnson Industries Ltd.
Johnson Industries design and manufacture a range of products at our factories, which include hydraulic, pneumatic, spring-set or manually applied caliper disc brakes and brake systems for use on hoists, conveyors, propulsion systems and other rotating equipment. Johnson also produces electro-magnetic and electro-hydraulic thruster drum and disc brakes which are in service around the world on cranes, hoists and other material handling and power transmission equipment. In addition to the brakes mentioned above, brake discs and brake drums can be built to customer specifications. The Johnson catalog contains many standard diameter brake discs and fly wheels with or without mounting holes, hub, straight bore, tapered bore, key way, scribed bolt circle, dynamic balancing or even forged ventilation holes. In addition to brake discs Johnson manufactures many different models of brake drums. These include standard, offset, bore and key way, and rough stock bore. Johnson also offers a variety of transmission couplings for brake applications. We also design and manufacture Storm and Parking brakes. Storm brake systems include automatic and manual rail clamps, rail brakes and wheel clamps. These emergency braking systems are used on cranes, stacker-reclaimers, loaders and other forms rail mounted equipment. Johnson is committed to stocking a comprehensive range of parts (including a full range of Elhy / Eldro thrusters), we also offer maintenance and refurbishment services, on site service, training, and commissioning.

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