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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Atlantic Industries Limited
AIL (Atlantic Industries Limited) with its global network of manufacturing and distributing companies was founded more than 40 years ago by mining engineer John Wilson. AIL is a leader in advanced engineered solutions in corrugated metal. With a strong commitment to innovation, AIL engineers develop the optimum solution for each situation, providing clients in the mining sector with designs that save time and money. The company`s customer-focused support team is comprised of engineers and civil technologists with years of training and experience. They provide in-house engineering support, supervise installations, interpret drawings, and advise on specifications.AIL manufactures specialized designs and products for access roads and mine site structures, including portals, stockpile tunnels, bridges, conveyor tunnels, retaining walls, underpasses, and stream river crossings with spans of 25 metres. Endorsed by engineers around the world, the company`s commitment to product research and development has established AIL as a key player in the international mining scene.

Bruker is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. Discover our products and services: magnetic resonance; infrared and raman; mass spectrometry; gas chromatography; analytical X-ray; AFM, SPM and X-ray microanalysis; stylus and optical metrology; elemental analysis; analytical services.

Canadian Light Source Inc.
Canada`s national laboratory for synchrotron research and one of the most powerful facilities of its kind in the world, the Canadian Light Source is an invaluable resource for environmental research, offering unique-in-Canada commercial research and development technologies. Synchrotron techniques can provide valuable information in many areas of the mining process, from metals recovery to tailings management, by identifying metallic phases and amorphous compounds in effluents and mine tailings. From analyzing contaminants to assess their toxicity and mobility, to assessing bioremediation strategies, and developing green alternatives for motor oil additives, synchrotron light is an important resource for research in mining, forestry, oil and gas, air and soil quality, environmental impact assessment, and mitigation. With innovative industry access, clear IP policies and scientists dedicated to promoting industry involvement, this state-of-the-art centre is a valuable tool for commercial research.

Cavotec Canada Inc.
Cavotec MSL is a global engineering group, supplying innovative technologies to the ports and maritime, airports, mining and tunnelling and general industry sectors. Working closely with clients, Cavotec engineers develop and integrate complete systems to help drive operational efficiency, improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Specifically for the Mining Sector Cavotec manufacturers cables, cable reels, power connectors, radio remote control and cable chains that deliver optimal performance in the toughest of environments in the mining sector. Our products reduce dependence on diesel-driven machinery, and our electrical supply systems ensure mining is cleaner, more sustainable and safer. Cavotec continues to research technologies and techniques that will increase operational efficiency and improve sustainability in these sectors, extending the potential of technology in mines around the world.

Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)
The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), located in Sudbury, Ontario, is continuing its R&D efforts to facilitate the delivery of step-change research initiatives deemed critically important to the mining industry. It strives to establish excellence in the following strategic areas of research: deep mining, mineral exploration, integrated mine engineering, environment and sustainability. CEMI is a not for profit corporation focusing as a networked institute of advanced studies dedicated to facilitate and accelerate mining innovation with a group of customized solution teams of innovators who link industry with excellence in academia, government, and the private sector. We support R&D to lower risks, create value, and raise the level of excellence in mining innovation in Canada. Visit our website at to learn more and review CEMI`s Annual Reports and Innovation Showcase highlighting the achievements of our team of innovators.

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