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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
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Canadian institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
CIM - Categories
48e Nord International
Une mine d`experts au service de l`industrie miniere mondiale. Un des mandats de 48e Nord International est de contribuer a la promotion de la province de Quebec et plus specifiquement, de promouvoir l`expertise miniere de l`Abitibi-Temiscamingue au Canada et partout dans le monde. L`experience de 48e Nord International comprend l`organisation de plus de 30 foires commerciales, y compris le soutien et l`encadrement de pres de 300 fournisseurs d`equipements et de services miniers au Canada, aux etats-Unis, en Amerique latine, Afrique, Australie et la Russie. A mine of experts in the service of the world mining industry. One of 48e Nord International`s mandates is to contribute to the promotion of the province of Quebec and more specifically, to promote the Abitibi-Temiscamingue`s mining expertise to Canada and around the world. 48e Nord International`s background includes the organization of more than 30 trade fairs, including the support and coaching of almost 300 suppliers of mining equipment and services in Canada, United States, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Russia.

Canadian Association of Mining Equipment & Services for Export
Located in Markham, Ontario, CAMESE - The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export, is the national voice for Canada`s mining equipment and service exporters. More than 250 corporate members across the country supply the entire mining industry spectrum including mineral exploration, mine development, mining, mineral processing, environmental monitoring, smelting and refining.

Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Foundation (CMMF)
To maintain its leadership in the mining world, Canada requires the best educated workforce possible to develop new technologies and apply them in the most effective manner. The Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Foundation (CMMF) was founded in 1972, and is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting and supporting education as well as best practices in the many facets of the mining world. Through a variety of activities and programs, the Foundation promotes mining as an enviable career option at all levels from primary school to University. Although a separate legal entity from the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (CIM), the CMMF was established and continues to be funded by CIM individual members. Afin de maintenir sa position de leadership dans l`industrie miniere a travers le monde, le Canada se doit de disposer de la main-d`œuvre la plus qualifiee pour developper de nouvelles technologies et les mettre en œuvre le plus efficacement possible. Organisme a but non lucratif fonde en 1972, la Fondation canadienne des mines et de la metallurgie (FCMM) promeut l`education en matiere miniere de meme que les pratiques d`excellence dans toutes les facettes du domaine minier. Par le biais d`un ensemble d`activites et de programmes, la Fondation fait egalement la promotion de l`industrie miniere en tant qu`option de carriere de choix, depuis le niveau primaire jusqu`au niveau universitaire. Bien qu`elle soit une entite legale distincte de l`Institut canadien des mines, de la metallurgie et du petrole (ICM), la FCMM a ete creee et continue a etre financee par les membres de l`ICM.

Carlson Software
Carlson Software for Mining and Machine Control Carlson Software offers CAD based office software for Survey, Engineering, Geology, Surface and Underground Mine Planning. Its trademarks are ease of use, AutoCAD based, powerful and low cost. Carlson Machine Control`s flagship product, Carlson Grade provides GPS guided machines easy and accurate positioning. Use it for any mining equipment from dozers to shovels to trucks. Combined with Productivity Tools and Fleet Manager, all mine vehicles are networked and monitored for efficiency.

CIM - Maintenance and Engineering Society
Our role as a Society within the overall body of the CIM is to facilitate the objectives laid out by the founders. In this capacity, the current executive of the ME Society meet approximately 3 times per year to discuss various matters effecting the Society and how it relates to the general membership of the CIM. Major responsibilities of the ME Society include, organizing Operators Conferences, Annual Technical Sessions at the AGM, administering awards and scholarship programs. All of these activities as well as keeping abreast of a changing industry while trying to anticipate future needs of the Society make for a full program within the executive. The following sections describe in more detail the various activities of the Society. The Chair of the Society sits on the CIM Council as a representative of the Society members.

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