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Forgings and Ingots Macro Segregation Testing

- non destructive testing (NDT) using simulation software -

Please contact us if you need more information or to get a price quote.

Through - Forgings and Ingot Macro Segregation Testing (service using simulation software) - you will verify if your ingot is free of macro segregation and the mechanical properties are homogeneous. Click here to learn more about the method we use.

Macro segregation testing module, based on the mechanism proposed by K.Suzuki and T.Miyamoto from Japan Steel Works Ltd. and developed by Industrial Soft is employed with solidification software SimCADE v.2.0 to verify if your forging product or ingot is free of macro segregation.

The results will help you to:

  • verify if there is segregation into a particular ingot and material;
  • choose ingot size and shape (H/D ratio, ingot taper) in accordance with steel grade;
  • choose the appropriate ingot size and geometry to minimize segregation in forging products;
  • minimize fabrication cost by reducing the ferroalloys consumption;
  • optimize the chemical composition of a steel in order to minimize the volume of ferroalloys used in steelmaking process;
  • establish a target chemical composition to minimize segregation;
  • optimize mold temperature, hot top size and pouring temperature.

  • The report will tell you how to avoid macro segregation detected by ultrasonic test and increase homogeneity of mechanical properties.

    If you are an ingot buyer this service will assist you to choose, function by steel grade, the right ingot to get forging products free of segregation.

    For more information or get a price quote please contact us.

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