SIMCADE v.2.0 - Examples and applications

Contact us if you need more information about these examples.

Dendrite solidificationSimCADE V.2.0 - Solidification and heat transfer simulation software (1.5 Mb)
- information about SimCADE v.2.0, the solidification simulation software we use
Ingot segregationMacro segregation control in steel ingots - examples and applications - Slideshow (15.1 Mb) -
- learn about where and how to use the simulation software to control macro segregation in steel ingots; contact us if you need technical support to aquire a steel ingot or need more information about a particular application of macro segregation prediction technique.
Casting technologyInfluence of casting techology on macro segregation in AISI 4340 steel ingots (1.5 Mb)
- influence of pouring temperature, hot top size and mold temperature on macro segregation; contact us if you need the analysis made for another ingot size or steel grade.
Macrosegregation controlUsing simulation software in macro segregation nondestructive testing of steel ingots (0.9 Mb)
- more information about how to use solidification simulation software in nondestructive testing of steel ingots; click here to check your ingot for macro segregation.
Aluminum castingsSoftware tool for nondestructive control of aluminum castings (0.9 Mb)
- solidification simulation software and nondestructive testing of aluminum castings; please contact us for simulation and porosity prediction for a particular aluminum, iron or steel casting part.
Titanium castingsSimulation software and nondestructive testing of titanium castings (0.9 Mb)
- nondestructive testing of titanim castings and solidification simulation software; contact us if you need simulation and porosity prediction made for another material or a particular casting part.
Composite solidificationSimulation the solidification process in composites materials with aluminum alloy matrix (0.7 Mb)
- influence of particle conductivity, matrix conductivity and particle temperature upon solidification front geometry; please contact us for an analysis or reserch made using the solidification simulation software, SimCADE v.2.0 or segregation and porosity prediction technique.